Failed relationships, a Comet, and Past Lives.

Director’s Statement

As with all of my work, Nebula began as a way for me to investigate the events going on in my life and around me. I was
visiting my friend Carrie in New York during her vacation when she told me she would be divorcing her husband after just two
years of marriage. I was surprised to find out that nothing went wrong inside their relationship, my friend simply realized she
did not want to be tied down. This scenario initiated thoughts about where these urges originate. I asked Carrie if I could make
a film about it, and if she would be willing to play herself and she agreed.

I took this opportunity to build characters around Carrie, that would balance her and reflect some of the themes I find
myself questioning in most of my work: connectedness, intimacy, and transformation. I have found that most people either
consciously or subconsciously repress their desires, and when this happens for too long situations start to deteriorate as
demonstrated through Jonelle’s character. In addition, I felt it was an ideal way to express my personal beliefs and address
some of the issues that affect me as an African American queer woman; such as spirituality, relationships, racial and gender

In many ways, Nebula is a metaphor for my outlook on life and my approach to filmmaking. I make connections
between people and events on both the cosmic and physical level, forming a larger picture. Filmmaking is no different; it is a
collaborative process and I believe each person can bring a unique asset to the production in order to create something larger
than themselves. For this reason, I prefer working with non-traditional actors, utilizing an improvisational style, where
“actors” play a crucial part in developing their characters and the story. When we remove the traditional methods of acting,
the true story can emerge, resulting in characters that feel organic and natural.

My goal with this film is to bring awareness to how we relate to each other and to ourselves. It is my hope
that people from all walks of life will be able to uncover these connections in their own lives and build more
satisfying relationships, starting with the most important relationship, the relationship with self.