Nebula is a short film that explores the relationships of two women: one who is finalizing her divorce, the other who is dumped by her partner.

Behind the Scenes of Nebula from Nebula theFilm on Vimeo.

Nebula Update!

Going down to Atlanta GA to shoot the final scene for Nebula

instagram & Twitter = @nebulathefilm #NebulitesUnite

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  1. Nisey Woods
    March 31, 2014 at 5:17 am #

    Hi Kandis-

    I checked out all your updates and videos. Lovely work.

    I’m relocating to Atlanta next month, and would have loved to help out in ATL for your final scene, but I’m a union member, and see that you are using non union talent.

    Please let me know when / where I’ll be able to view your completed thesis.

    Best of luck to you!


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