I first had my tarot read at a birthday party, in April 2012. Prior to that night, I had never given tarot much thought, sure I had heard about it, but was never around it. That night, I drew the Knight of Swords to represent me. That’s the only thing I remember about the reading other than being totally fascinated. The next day, in true Knight of Swords fashion, I went out and bought my first deck, Golden Tarot of Klimt. 

Knight of Swords Golden Tarot of Klimt


In 2013, I started with my first clients and since then have expanded my clientele and ventured into corporate tarot, reading at various events. Tarot is an important tool to connect with our intuition and to make us aware of things we might not be considering in any given situation. Each reading is unique, and based on the energy that goes into the cards. It is not a replacement of our will, but a way to enhance it. 

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