A brief overview of Tarot

The origin of Tarot is still hotly debated although many scholars seem to place its origins to 14th century Italy. I have a feeling it goes back much farther than that. Since then it has come to be used as a divination tool, now associated with gypsies or mystics.  In no way is tarot meant to be a prediction of the future. I like to think of it more as a snapshot of the energies surrounding a person at any particular moment in time. In no way is a reading set in stone, as we all exercise free will. For me, it is a way to gain more self awareness but as with any advice, you can take it or leave.

The Decks

I have a total of 4 decks to choose from. Golden Tarot of Klimt, Goddess Tarot, Kazanlar Tarot and Wild Unknown.

The Reader

As previously mentioned, I have been reading Tarot for almost 6 years. I have always been interested in tarot, and after a friend read my cards at a party, I decided to take my interest to the next level. The next day I got my first deck, The Golden Tarot of Klimt, and I’ve been reading ever since.  For the first year I learned by doing daily readings for myself and studied new spreads from the internet. Seeing how passionate I was, my friends encouraged me to focus on reading tarot professionally. With this site, my goal is to create a balance of emotional and spiritual well-being by sharing my daily insights with you and offering a space for you to contact me directly. Each session is $35 for half an hour and can be hosted over skype, phone, e-mail or in person. If you’re at all interested in tarot, I highly recommend reaching out.

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