To Russia with love

Every year I tell myself I’m going to post on my website more and every year I fail to do so…what a shame. My website was so neglected that it became under attack by malware—. For whatever reason my site is targeted each day, mostly by Russian hackers. Dear Russian Hackers, the election is over, and your guy “won.” I know there’s a big investigation and everything, but seriously, can you please leave my poor site alone, haven’t we all suffered enough?

2017 has been a year of subtle yet powerful manifestation and transformation aided by my ritual practice. I did 3 day juice cleanses every month, and here it is already November and time to turn our attention to 2018. 

A few highlights:

January- Rang in the new year in ATL with my closest friends and family, lost my phone on NYE but gained so much more. I got a new car, Futura Fortuna, she’s the best!

February – Was kind of quiet, mostly tried to get my life together, pay my taxes, AD’d my friend’s thesis shoot, and did some community service for a traffic ticket that in hindsight I should have thrown directly in the trash. But I am glad for the connections I made while working at the Goodwill Hollywood.

March – Even more low key than February, work and play, community service, The Boss Baby Wrap Party. I gave up social media for Lent, so it was much more of a time of introspection.

April – I was resurrected at Diamond Valley Lake on Easter Sunday and flew up to the Bay Area for a Sundance Short Film Master Class that ended up being super synchronous for many reasons I won’t bore you with here, but I set the intention to spend more time in the Bay Area this year and this was the first manifestation of that. I literally flew up for the day, but mercury was retrograde so there were many delays, alas I got through it!  I also finally got fitted for my crown, a process that took way too long, but I’m happy to report is finally over. My Yoga Studio also held their annual fundraiser, the Dreamers Unite Gala, such a special event. 

May – My friend graduated and we finally started working on a TV pilot I pitched to her two years ago, more on that soon! Dreamworks wrapped Captain Underpants, so there were many parties and celebrations, including the Prince/ MJ Party with my good friend who was visiting form ATL, and the beginning of my 5 city pride tour that started in Long Beach. My friends and I also threw a Memorial Day party, Cake by the Ocean pt. 2. and I got to see Bjork’s very cool Virtual Reality exhibit. 

June – The busiest month by far, I had a friend visiting for about two weeks so I had to keep her entertained, We went to Universal, Disney, my first Dodger’s game for LGBT Pride night, a bunch of shows and art exhibits. I also traveled to the East Coast (DC, Philly, NY). I went to the newly opened African American History Museum, it was AWESOME. Both NYC and Philly were celebrating pride during my visits. I got to catch up with old friends, family and mentors, and do some yoga in West Philly. I got myself a name plate necklace to commemorate the occasion. While I was in NYC,  I manifested new friends from New Zealand to stay in my apartment, just after dreaming that I was going there for a visit. June was lit to say the least. 

July – I tried to balance it out a bit, but still managed to be on the go. I went to my first day of mindfulness at Deer Park Monastery to visit my yoga instructor who is currently living there. I took a solo trip to San Diego for the 4th and visited four new beaches and the zoo. It was a really nice get away where I was able to cultivate a lot of peace and healing for myself. It was truly magical. I closed out the month, watching myself on screen acting in my friend’s short, I had almost forgotten about it, but it turned out great, congrats to her!  I also got to reunite with some Temple peeps who were visiting LA.

August – Now August was a MONTH. the solar eclipse was major and my cousin had her baby!!! I moved forward with some projects I’m working on, and stuff around the house, which was nice. I went to a few parties (but isn’t that every month). One party was with my second job at Night Fire, and the neighbor says to me “you’re busy” and in that moment I had a huge revelation, yes I am busy, and I’m just getting started! I don’t have time for shenanigans or anyone or anything who is not up to snuff. Sorry not sorry! 

September – Night Fire had a film premiere at LACMA, and another friend came to town. I took my second trip to the bay area on my “getting cozy with California tour” and on the way back I drove down the coast and stopped in Morro Bay. California is home to some breathtaking beauty, that’s for sure.  I rounded out the month, and started Libra Season being blessed with box seat tickets to Solange at the Hollywood Bowl. That was such an amazing experience, and my first time at the bowl! 

October – The best month of the whole year, not just because it’s my birthday, but because there’s so much to see and do! I finished up my pride tour in ATL the week before my birthday. It was a very short visit but oh so sweet, I got to meet my new cousin, Royal, go to the aquarium, for the biggest, the loudest, and the craziest pride party ever. I also caught up with old friends and made new ones. For my birthday I decided to raise money for my upcoming trip to Brazil and split the proceeds with Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It was such an incredible experience and I raised $1600. I’ll be writing a blog on that for my tarot site shortly. 

November – I got to see Kursama show at the Broad, but I decided I’m staying put this month, save a potential visit to the monastery after Thanksgiving. I’m taking this time to really focus on moving my projects forward and wouldn’t you know…updating my hacked website!

Wow, 2017, what a year! As it closes, I’m looking forward to another trip to the bay in December.  It was my original intention to post a bunch of pics and stuff to go along with this, but if you want to see visuals of any part of my journey, follow me on instagram!