Full Moon Dreams and the 8 of Swords

I was inspired to make this post of a dream I had last night in hopes that it might resonate with someone.

In this dream a friend brought a reading about tarot to my attention. In this reading, there was a heroine, whose name escapes me, but I remember reading “So and so finds herself in the 8 of swords.” Immediately after I woke, I looked up the meaning, and found it relevant. When searching for an image of the card from my deck, The Golden Tarot of Klimt, I could only find the 8 of swords card attached to the Moon card. I also thought this was quite fitting considering we are now under a full moon in Pisces, the sign of intuition.

The Moon in tarot (18), and in Pisces asks us to have faith in the unknown and the unseen. Some would even argue that the moon card is the Pisces of the tarot deck. Keywords include, psychic, dreams, subconscious. At the full moon, there is a certain level of illumination within our emotions and (collective) unconscious. When the moon is full, it signals completion. This particular phase would have been started when there was a new moon in Pisces, back in March. Something we began around that time is now finished, or coming to an end. And as we all know, the end is really just a new beginning.

Given this dream, I really want to focus on the meaning of the 8 of swords. As you can see in the image, a woman (ironically, or not so ironically) is in a similar position of the woman in the moon card. She is crouched and appears to be sad, imprisoned or in some type of bondage. In this dream, a word that came associate with this card was marriage, or to broaden in, relationships, which I believe is so relevant to what I see many of my friends experiencing, and what we are experiencing as part of the larger collective of earth dwellers.

The 8 of swords indicates feeling stuck, restricted, or trapped both physically and psychologically. Often times the psychological leads to the physical. It indicates a period of crisis, living in fear, or believing in illusions. Illusions are also indicated by the moon. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when we encounter the 8 of swords is that we have the power to free ourselves, if we can change our thought patterns. Often times we get used to feeling helpless, or being the victim, without realizing we are victimizing ourselves. Now is the time to call on ourselves for courage to face our fears and free ourselves. We have the power to create our realities, but we must first take our lives back and realize how self defeating these attitudes can be. We can no longer afford to live in fear, not that we ever could.

Right now the Sun is in Virgo, an earth sign which also contributes to this feeling of “stuckness.” We want to do the right thing but maybe aren’t sure how. The opposite of Virgo is Pisces, so many of us are feeling that we are being pulled in two directions. The key is to figure out what’s right for YOU. Only then can we truly be free. Remember to have faith, and let your intuition and higher self guide you. Let go of fear, and always choose love.