Meeting Serena

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted, a real shame, but this story is too good to pass up. Shout out to my friend Meco for suggesting it! love and miss you <3

When I woke upon Monday March 21st, I didn’t want to actually wake up. I was having so many inspiring dreams and busy solving my dilemmas on the astral plane. I texted a friend in between my slumbers telling her how I was committed to overcoming my nervousness when approaching women. I told her I was going to reach out to my “crushes” and put myself out there more. That was probably at 11 a.m., however I didn’t pull myself out of bed until over two hours later. Oh the joys have no longer being on the job hunt, and having a week to do… whatever I feel like I want to do (Gosh!)

I was remarking on this sweet fact shortly before the moment my day and entire life would change forever. What to do, what to do? I contemplated. I could shower…I wanna do some writing. I went to snap chat to message one “crush”, but before I could complete that thought, I noticed that Serena Williams has posted 23 mins prior. She was at a Roscoes in LA, I couldn’t tell which one, but instantly my body temperature began to rise.

I reported to my friend who responded by saying she knew which Roscoes location it was not, which I found really helpful. I mulled it over for a while, antsy, I couldn’t sit still anymore. I took to Facebook, and called my grandmother, Nana. She immediately laughed at me…”You are so crazy, you sure are my grand daughter….Go, and have fun, but don’t get caught in traffic.”

“Really!?!?” Say no more. I swiftly got dressed in my favorite glittery sweatpants and sparkly shirt and blazer. Did I even wash my face? I vaguely recall doing so; but everything after that moment is a blur. Before I knew it, I was en route to the nearest Roscoes, heart racing.

“I’m just going to casually ride by the one on Pico, and poke my head in to see if she’s there, if not, I’m coming back home,” I assured my friend.

I found a parking spot at a meter with time remaining. I’m telling you. God was really looking out for me. There was a line of people waiting. Surely all of these people are here to see Serena like me, I thought.  When the host asked me how many in my party, I lied and told him I wanted to order to go, and went inside to grab a menu. I surveyed the scene, lots of people eating, no Serena, but the place felt so alive, a little too alive. Or maybe it was just me.

I went back outside. Serena posted a snap of her lunch. At this point I was boiling when I approached an older waitress. I asked her if Serena Williams was there, she said yes, and she eats there all the time, and she was there eating now. This sent me over the edge. I had to excuse myself, only, it was more like me running outside hyperventilating, not literally but, you get the idea.

I consulted with FB, and dialed Nana back. “Oh my God she’s here. I don’t know what to do.” She told me to go with the flow, assuring me that I would know what to do. She was there live in the flesh, cold hard chillin, smashing some chicken and waffles. I tried to get myself together, psych myself up to make a move. In my purse, I had a ring that my BFF gave me the night before at dinner. He had flown back to ATL earlier that morning. I pulled out my pen, and business card. That’s when the agony set in.

Was I really going to approach 21 time grand slam winner, Serena Williams at Roscoes the day after the spring equinox?? Did I actually have the gall to dare interrupt her meal and time with friends, and for what? I had to get clear on my goals. I knew that I would offer her the ring as soon as I discovered it in my purse. I knew I would give her my card. Autograph, photo? Go with the flow. Oh but I can’t. The line had disappeared, and I sat alone. The occasionally Roscoes employee or customer would walk by.

I spent some time talking with the security, she was expected to come out any moment. Another employee told me I should get my camera ready.  I could have waited there. I probably should have waited right there to be less weird. Inside I was dying. “You’re a confident woman aren’t you?” the security guard was trying to encourage me. “She’s sitting in the back corner, her back turned.” By the looks of her snap chat, she was in a fried chicken coma. Oh my God. The last thing I wanted was to be rude. I ate some breath mints.

“Go on girl” he pushed me.

“Ok i’m going.” I took a deep breath and marched to the back of the restaurant.

“Excuse me.” She was sitting inside the both, a friend across from her and next to her. Beautiful in an understatement.They all turned. “Hi Serena, I’m a huge fan, I want to give you this ring, and was wondering if you would mind giving me an autograph.”

PHEW! There I did it. My stomach was in nights and I was visibly uncomfortable, but I did it. She looked at me sort of confused, but she was ever so gracious in fulfilling my request.

“Aww,” they seemed to take pity on me. Her friend sat smiling. Serena looked a little skeptical of me, can’t say I blame her. I’m sure I was looking super crazy, experiencing all the emotions, fighting back tears.

“What kind of ring is this?” she asked.

“Ganesh, remover of obstacles, I’m such a huge fan, you have no idea.” I managed to choke out.

She took my business card and asked “do you want me to sign this?” I told her no, that it was my card, and she could sign the bag the ring came in.

“I am so sorry.” She said as she tried to sign her name, but my pen was giving her trouble.

“No worries.” I stood there a moment as she struggled with her signature.

“Sorry” she said again.

“Oh no, it’s my trashy pen.” She gave me the autograph, and I stared at in disbelief. Few other people have the power to leave me speechless and tongue tied.

“What did you say this ring was?” she asked again.

“Ganesh, remover of obstacles, protector of women.” If you’re not familiar with Ganesh, he’s really powerful, and as far as I am concerned, had a definite role in leading me to this moment.

“I’m sorry I cannot accept this because I’m really big into God as a remover of obstacles.”

Of course, how could I be so silly. At least I tried. How rude would it be to show up empty handed?

“I understand” I accepted the ring back, and almost ran out of the restaurant.

“Did you get your picture?” Security asked. “No, but I got an autograph”

“See!” he nodded as if to say good job. I was already out of the restaurant, streaming tears, laughing in shock on the way to the car. I saw there and captured this photo and posted it to my social media, which was exploding. “NO WAY!”

At the same time I was texting my best friend, who had no idea what was going on. “How can you even type right now,” he said, “That’s some straight manifestation.”

And he was right, but I can’t help but notice the divine intervention. So many stars had to align for me to available to meet her that day. My old boss, the bounced check. My new job not starting until Monday the 28th. My desperate attempts at trying to attend Indian Wells, where Serena lost the day before, only for her to end up less than 15 minutes away from me, where I could meet her for free. Won’t he do it?

I remember saying to my friend Sunday afternoon as we discussed the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Libra, watching astrology videos, I noticed Serena’s snapchat story (side note Serena and I are both Libra), “Serena is on her way to LA, what if this is it?”

“What if this is the time you actually get to meet Serena?”


“Could be!” we both agreed. Who could’ve guessed we were right?

It was in that moment, I felt like I had reached a new height, a new dimension if you will. I had actually intercepted Serena Williams and had a meaningful exchange, which had previously only encountered on the astral plane, so much that some of my FB friends are familiar with the dreams I’ve had with her. Most recently I had a dream that I was preparing to read tarot for her.

If I had been in a better frame of mind, I might have tried to explain to Serena that I believe in God as much as she does, and Ganesh was one of the tools I use to access God. I doubt it would have changed her mind, but at least she would know that I’m not some Godless heathen, haha. But it’s done, I went with the flow, and came out on top.

I let myself weep in my car following the encounter. I couldn’t’ believe what I had just done. The ultimate confirmation of me being on the right path. I had read my horoscope from Chani on Sunday, and she said it was time to notice and celebrate all the areas in which I have grown. Reap the rewards of the seeds I had planted, and all the hard work I’ve been doing, to love and value myself. All the pain and struggle of the last 6 months paid off in an instant. Despite the current challenges I am facing, I had grown. Within a week’s time I had landed a new job, and mustered up the courage to approach my ultimate crush, with the help of Jupiter, and the moon.

I’m here to say it doesn’t get much more elevated than this. It all still feels like a dream, and I have to remind myself that it actually happened. She doesn’t know it, but that exchange with the great Serena Williams, completely changed my life, and touched many others. (shout out to my FB friends and family who watched it all unfold online).

I am renascent, born again, convinced anything can happen once you divine your path in life. I have never felt more in my power. I have never felt closer to God, and I am infinitely grateful.

That night, I dreamt that Serena text me about her horoscope and invited me out.

Stay tuned!

Stay Golden <3