This is the first Saturday of 2017 that I haven’t had something (other than yoga) on my calendar. I even took a nap, and I’m back on solid food after my monthly 3 day juice cleanse. So much free time I can’t even decide what to do. One thing I definitely wanted to prioritize on is updating my blog, so here I am, woo-hoo!

Of course then there’s the question of what to write about, especially after it’s been so long. I’ve set many intentions to blog more regularly and use my website…and here it is April 1st, a quarter of the year gone, but doesn’t the year start now? I mean, many cultures celebrate new year around the Spring Equinox.

So then comes the issue, of what to write about? It’s interesting that my most popular post is “Atlanta vs. Philly” I feel like the comments overall skew toward Atlanta, however, given recent events in Hot-lanta, there’s not even a question as to which is the better city.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Atlanta, truly, however, hearing that a portion of Interstate 85 collapsed during a fire a few days ago really demotes the city on my list.  Not to mention this was the very exit that I would take to get my old apartment complex, that also caught fire in December. The city has major infrastructure problems to say the least. Apparently they’ve arrested 3 people in connection with the fire that collapsed the bridge to Piedmont, but I still have many questions. 

How is it that a major highway could collapse after a fire? What kind of materials are used to build these structures? Is it really safe to have a major roadway (or any roadway) built out of something that cannot withstand a large fire? It seems illogical, because what if a car exploded on the highway, or a similar accident? Additionally, what kind of fire was this that it burned for 45 minutes, and burned so large and hot? It seems that some kind of chemical had to be involved, if so how and why? Now, this section of a crucial Atlanta highway, won’t be rebuilt for months, increasing an already nightmarish traffic conditions. Get it all the way together ATL.

Still, it’s nice to have the case closed. I suppose I should now be comparing Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Most people might say L.A. winds by a landslide, but I find that Philadelphia is really charming, and I love the efforts to be more environmentally friendly. L.A. is shockingly wasteful, but truly there is no comparison since there isn’t a beach within half an hour drive of Philadelphia. Oh well.